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Advantages of steam Cooking System over Conventional Cooking Methods
SI Steam Cooking System Conventional cooking through Burner Ranges / Stoves Remarks
1. Steam temperature is around 130 C Boiling water temperature is maximum 100 *c hence Steam Cooking System Emhanes FASTER Cooking
2. Steam is generated through steam generation with the help of a single LPG burner, which in turn is passed through 4 to 5 different steam cookers enabling cooking of that many items simultaneously. Hence LPG consumption is minimized. Here for 4 to 5 different cooking to happen simultaneously that many stoves are required with separate burner in each stove. Here LPG consumption is comparatively higher than steam cooking system. Around 30% LPG Saving Is Assured.
3.Steam cookers are manufactured out of 304 grade SS, fixed to SS stand which are fittable with scope to drain out starch through SS ball valves. Hence easy to cook , unload & drain off starch etc. very comfortably without any scope for accidents & spillage. Here Thorough care need to be taken while cooking & uploading by holding the cooking pots/vessel very care fully. here chances of spillage / accidents especially on the cooks are possible. Steam cooking system is SAFE, EASY & FASTER to work & Easy to Unload Cooked Food & also clean the cookies comparatively.
4. Here, Since only one burner is used, the ambient temperature & carbon deposits / Wals / Greying inside kitchen is lower Here due to more burners in action, the ambient temprature, carbon deposits & walls Greying inside kitchen is higher. Steam cooking system Provides CLEAN & BETTER working ambience
5. One Cook is enough to work on all the 4 odd steam cookers, when trained to work cyclically Here more cooks are required comparatively. Steam cooking system enables LESSER MAN POWER thereby COST SAVING
6. Steam generator with odd cookers require a maximum of say 15ft x 8ft are with single drain facility to drain off starch & to wash the cookers Here the space required shall almost be double or even more comparatively. Steam cooking system is SPACE SAVING
7. Cleaning is easier since cookers are tiltable & sterlization of cookers are possible through steam for better hygiene. Cooking Pots/vessels need to be shifted to pot wash area & cleaning is cumbersom comparatively. Steam cooking system is Easy to clean with BETTER HYGIENE LEVEL comparatively
8. Solar Water heater assembly when connected to the steam cooking system input another 30% of fuel saving can be obtained& it is easy to connect to the steam Generator here too, hot water from solar water heating assemblycan be used but physical, the fuel saving shall be leser in % comparatively. Steam cooking in more compatible with solar water heating system leading further FUEL SAVING - 2
9. Steam Cookers can also be insulated with a second shell in SS with insulation material in between. The cost of the Cooker shall be 75% more than single shell cookers. In both the cases, steam sha Not Possible Here. Through steam cooking system further FUEL SAVING-3 is possible
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1 UNIQUE KITCHEN PLANNING Each kitchen is planned, based on its type of kitchens, menu and feeding strength, considering scientific flow . Each section of kitchen is well defined and located keeping in mind, to facilitate natural lighting, natural air - inflow, minimum movement and easy working pattern.
2 KITCHEN DESIGNING Each of the following kitchen section, is carefully analyzed & designed for easy work flow sequence with optimally required equipment
  • Store
  • Dish & Pot Wash Area
  • Steam Cooking Area
  • Preparation Area
  • Food Serving / Pantry
  • Dining Section
  • Gas Bank
  • Each equipment capacity/ size is designed based on the feeding strength.
  • Civil
  • Drainage
  • Plumbing
  • Gas Line & other Associated works

Steamed food retains more of its original vitamins, minerals & enzymes, which would otherwise leach out into the cooking water used when boiling. Steaming softens the fibres of vegetables and fruits, making them more easily digestible, so your body can absorb all that nutritional goodness more easily.

It Preserves The Main Nutrients

As there is no direct contact with water, the nutritional substances in food are not lost. Food therefore retains its nutrients much better. Steaming softens the fibres of vegetables and fruits, making them more easily digestible, so your body can absorb all that nutritional goodness more easily. Steamed foods retain their original structure and colours, so they stay crisp and look much more appetizing; no more limp, mushy or colourless meals.

Full And Genuine Flavour

Steamed foods retain their own genuine flavour, allowing us, in a certain sense, to "rediscover" their real essence. This cooking method is ideal for fish and vegetables in particular.

Quick And Inexpensive

Steam cooking is a quick way to prepare our dishes and allows us to cook several different foods at the same time while saving time and having fewer pots and pans to wash.- Makes it possible to cook a variety of foods quickly over one heat supply; this saves on energy and costs.

Almost No Smells

In most cases, steam cooking reduces the unpleasant smells typical of some foods. Try it to believe it